Are You Looking To Build A Quality Angus Cow Herd?

In our 60 years of developing superior breeding stock, we offer the Angus SmartBull. Our hardy 30+-month-old SmartBulls have two years of breeding experience and passed BSE screenings as well as regular health tests. They have outstanding genetics that will provide you will excellent stock. All of this comes at a reasonable price with bulls that are ready to work.


You may be looking to lease a bull rather than owning one. We have the perfect program that allows you to lease our bulls for the breeding season. Our shipping program is included in the price along with a replacement policy if the bull is injured. Our bulls are ready to go breed for you as soon as they arrive on your farm.

Our Bulls Are Registered

Our herds have been line bred for over 15 generations, beginning with selections from the Certified Meat Sire Program. For each generation, only the top producing stock is included in our breeding program. We are proud of our Angus breeding bulls that is Stacked-Performance-Genetics™ proven. You can count on our boys to improve your herd’s production and quality of beef stock.

Angus Cows For Sale

If you are shopping around for cows for sale to upgrade your current herd. we have quality Angus cows for sale that will meet your standards. Our cows come at a reasonable price that will produce superior offspring. Our staff will help you get the quality stock you need.

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