California Farmers Prefer Classified Ads As Go-To Source for Agricultural Equipment

Buying and selling within the agricultural sector has always been a unique realm. Industry analysts cite several complex reasons for this. For one, farmers have remained a unique and highly specialized community. They represent a tiny segment of the American workforce at less than 2 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s one of the reasons why classified advertising for farm equipment has remained a viable force within this sector.

A Small and Specialized Industry

The insular nature of the farming community at large, the specific and narrow focus of the farming industry, the specialty of their equipment and other factors means that classified ads have remained a powerful vehicle for trading farm equipment between farmers. Across all industry types, classified advertising was devastated by the coming of the internet. Classified ads in major newspapers and magazines all but disappeared, but with one major exception. Despite the growth of online marketing and communication, classified ads for buying and selling agricultural equipment in print remains a go-to choice for many farmers. For most farmers, scanning the classified ads in farm-oriented publications has remained exactly as it was before the onset of the internet. Advertising in printed sources is still the method of choice for buying, selling and trading used agricultural implements.

Supplementing Print With Online Versions

In fact, internet-based platforms only enhanced classified advertising for farm equipment. Rather than fight the online trend, agricultural publications embraced it. They combined their print vehicle with an online version to create even more effective platforms for farm equipment sales.

The California Farm Equipment Classifieds Setting

An internet search today on classified advertising for farms and equipment in California reveals a wealth of hybrid print-online classified mediums. Ag Source Magazine features both online and print versions. That makes it a powerful option for classified advertising for farm equipment in California resource. With 30,000 printed copies distributed across 1,400 hand-picked racked locations, the magazine can also be accessed online.

Check out Ag Source Magazine to learn about their classified advertising for farm equipment.

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