Good Email Hygiene Increases Your Email Campaign’s Effectiveness

Many businesses rely on email marketing to notify current and potential customers of new products, sales, and other vital information, or to keep their name fresh in the customer’s mind with a newsletter. Most use an email management program that stores addresses. This communication method can be effective, but it’s only as good as your email addresses themselves. Even if your addresses are highly accurate when entered, over time many become obsolete. In any given year, up to 30% of your addresses will go bad.

That’s where good email hygiene comes in. Email hygiene is the process of regularly scrubbing the email addresses in your contact list to ensure these are good. There are many reasons you have bad email addresses, including addresses changing, bogus addresses and spelling errors. A good email hygiene program can find all these problems and can fix many of them.

Paying attention to email hygiene can increase your marketing effectiveness. It connects you immediately with customers or prospects who wanted to receive your communication but never did because of an error. It also helps you locate potential customers whose email address may have changed since you received it, and it keeps your data fresh by removing bad addresses.

Good email hygiene should be standard practice if you use email communication. It keeps your lists clean and allows you room to add new, fresh addresses to your email campaigns.

Talk with an expert in email hygiene to find out how to scrub your email addresses to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your email marketing plan. Email addresses are like gold to business, but only if those addresses actually reach people who might be interested in your product. Email hygiene helps you focus your efforts on the right email addresses to ensure those emails are actually read.

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