Evaluating Construction Companies In Milwaukee, WI

There are many articles online with a focus on how to choose the best construction companies in any area. However, in Milwaukee, WI, there are really only a few things you need to focus in on to find the best company for your commercial building project.

Those things include experience, expertise, communication and past client satisfaction. While price is often at the top of the list in comparing and selecting construction companies, the price is often a misleading factor. Low-quality companies that are cutting corners and choosing cheap subcontractors often have a much lower bid, but the cost overruns and the cost of fixing things after the project is over are really not worth the small initial upfront savings.

Expertise and Experience

The more experience and expertise commercial construction companies have, the more you can trust they are committed to quality construction practices. Companies that have a history of projects that have problems are not in business in Milwaukee, WI for very long.

Ask the company specifically about projects similar to yours or in your industry that the company has worked on in the past. It is also a good idea to ask for references and also ask around in professional circles about the construction company.


Being able to communicate with the project manager or management team from the construction company is going to be critical during the project. Many construction companies and general contractors have challenges in communicating effectively with clients, so make a point of calling and arranging a meeting with the project manager or general contractor point person for your project.

If you are struggling to understand what they mean, if they aren’t willing to meet with you or answer questions this is a good indication of possible challenges should you choose them for your project.

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