Which Documents Should You Store and Which to Destroy?

As many organizations move from using personal shredders to destroy delicate documentation to arranging with professional companies who offer paper shredding in Minnesota to relieve your organization of the task, do you know which documents that you can destroy and which should be kept in paper format?

Working Closely with A Digital Imaging Company

The cost of asking your employees and visitors to scan every document and ensure that the digital copy is stored carefully in an understood server or online filing system will be both expensive and problematic.

The answer is to work closely with a digital imaging company who will automatically scan all your documents and arrange for expert retrieval, quickly and efficiently. Locating a company that performs both tasks of scanning your documents and then paper shredding in Minnesota is an effective and efficient use of your finances and your team’s time.

You should check with your legal team and finance director to make a formal list that should be regularly updated which informs the necessary individuals in your organization about which documents must be legally retained and for how long. Your document retention obligations may change in the future, and it is important that your legal team manage this subject.

Your legal team will always be able to explain which of your documents must be retained in paper form if any, and those which may be scanned and stored in a safe location (or two) for simple retrieval and to meet your obligations by law.

Paper shredding in Minnesota by a professional company will ensure that any of your high-risk documentation, which may be stolen for identity theft and a variety of other illegal activities, is performed regularly and effectively.

This may include any documentation which provides detailed information about your employees, customers, and suppliers. When you choose a shredding company that will visit your promises to shred all your sensitive documents or removes them to another location to complete the same task, the level of security is important, and you must be able to observe the task whenever you choose.

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