Getting to Know Sylvia Brooks

A jazz vocalist has the unique requirement of doing much more than any other performer. It is more than just singing the lyrics of a song or performing an upbeat sound. Rather, with jazz, that sound must come from a very different place and create a memory and a feeling in the people that hear it. In short, it takes a very talented and unique artist to create this type of sensation today. Sylvia Brooks is one of the most important up and coming artists in the industry. With three albums under her belt, she continues to make a name for herself in this industry. You should know about her.

Exploring a Different Level of Jazz
Finding an artist that can offer something interesting and amazing to an audience is rarely easy to do. For Sylvia Brooks, that passion for creating something special has come up with her as she performed in a variety of venues across the Los Angeles area. Today, she continues to perform and explore new types of jazz as well.

One of the things that she is so well known for is her ability to create some of the most expressive American jazz music today. She has become a very accomplished performer as well. From music that pulls at you for its longing and desperation to the heartaches of the American Songbook, she takes on a great deal of interest and passion.

When it comes to creating a new opportunity and exploring a new sound, that is also something that Sylvia Brooks has learned to do so very well. For those who are looking for an opportunity to explore a new type of music that will create deep down impressively beautiful music, there is no one better than what Sylvia Brooks has to offer her audience.

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