Proper Maintenance Services Keep Elevators Working Properly

Elevators must be inspected and tested on an annual basis to ensure they are working properly. In addition to the inspection, monthly maintenance services are important for proper operation.

Elevators that are properly maintained are less likely to break down and present safety issues to passengers. Elevator Technologies Inc in Arlington VA provides reliable maintenance services to help business owners keep their elevators safe and efficiently operating.

What Is Involved in Elevator Maintenance?

The number of times maintenance will need to be carried out will depend on the type of elevator:

  *     Traction elevators will need twelve maintenance appointments a year which should be carried out once a month.

  *     Hydraulic elevators will need maintenance appointments scheduled four times a year.

These maintenance appointments are not only set up to ensure an elevator is safe for its passengers, but it also ensures the elevator’s lifespan will be protected. Because there are many important components to an elevator, it stands to reason proper maintenance can prevent breakdowns and costly repairs.

The following are some of the most important steps that are carried out during maintenance appointments;

  *     All components in the motor room are checked for proper connection and operation. The electrical elements must be checked to ensure there are no signs of overheating. If any electrical component issues are found, these will need to be replaced right away.

  *     The technician will check the oil level and replace or change the oil if it is necessary. It is important the right level of oil is in place, so the elevator will operate properly.

  *     The technician will also lubricate all moving parts that require lubrication and will make any necessary adjustments that are needed to the components.

  *     The stop switches must be carefully checked and tested to ensure they are operating properly.

  *     The sump pump is tested to ensure it is properly handling any water, so flooding does not occur.

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