How to Celebrate Your 40th Birthday with a Jazz Theme

Jazz is different from other genres of music because of improvisation. You can just make the music up on the spot. This music genre also has a rich history and was used to uplift a generation of people. Your 40th birthday is an important chapter in your life, and you want to do something memorable. Read on to find out to celebrate your birthday with a jazz theme birthday party.

History of Jazz

New Orleans is considered the birthplace of jazz because of drumming, voodoo rituals, and when Buddy Bolden started his first band in 1895. It was created from other music and put together to create a unique sound. Women were a big part of the jazz movement. They contributed as composers, bandleaders, and songwriters. Some of the best female jazz singers are Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Sylvia Brooks.

Find Jazz Singers to Perform

Hiring jazz singers create a memorable performance and ensure that your guest has a great time. It would depend on your budget, but you could have your favorite jazz performer sing. Another option is to play the music of your favorite performer at your party.

Recapture the Look of the Jazz Era

The decorations and the attire should be a reflection of American Jazz singers. You can get ideas from American Jazz singers like Ray Charles, Cab Calloway, Sylvia Brooks, and Helen Humes. The point is to get inspiration and buy some vintage jazz pieces to stage your grand entrance.

Your 40th birthday is a milestone. You should celebrate with the music of one of the best female jazz singers. Contact for more information.

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