Getting Assistance with Bathrooms in Lees Summit MO

If you found your bathtub or shower drain is clogged, the best thing to do is see if there is any hair or residue around the drain. If you remove the excess residue around the drain and still have a clog, it’s best to leave the issue in the hands of a professional. Rescue 1 Plumbing is a great source to ask for help with a clogged drain.

What the Plumber Will Do
A plumber does this job on a daily basis, and that is why it is important to allow him to do it correctly. The plumber has most likely learned many techniques over the years on how to get the shower drain unclogged. One technique in particular many professionals use is called a ‘snake’. First, they will take the grate off the shower drain so they can see down in there, then they take the snake, a long-shaped tool, that can go deep inside the drain to push anything down. By doing this, it will push anything out of the way clogging the drain. If that doesn’t work, pouring hot water is another method used by professionals, and they will pour that directly down the drain.

Why Clogs Shouldn’t Be Left Untreated
It’s never wise to leave a clog in the drains of Bathrooms in Lees Summit MO. Even if the clog is small, it’s beneficial to get it checked immediately if you can’t do it yourself. You usually know when it is clogged because when you are in the shower, you will notice the water is puddling above the drain. Having a clog that is left untreated can cause a severe back-up in your pipes. Having that bad of a clog can also cause the need for someone to go underground and look through the pipe that way. That is going to cost more money in the end.

To save yourself the time, hassle, and money, you should always get any clog checked out if you can’t tend to it yourself. Clogs are common and happen more often than you may think in bathrooms in Lees Summit MO. With the right help, you can learn ways to prevent clogs and how to fix minor ones yourself.

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