Options for Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ

When you hear your dentist say that you will need Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ, it’s common to be nervous. What you need to know is there are different procedures and different routines for each one. The procedures aren’t that extensive, and you will more than likely not even feel it.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Having the wisdom teeth extracted is one of the most common procedures. Almost everyone will have their wisdom teeth pulled at some point in their life. There are four different wisdom teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom. Usually, these are the last teeth to come in. This usually happens between the ages of 18-22. If the teeth don’t fully grow in, they can become impacted under the gums, leaving them trapped within the jaw. This can lead to infection and a painful outcome. The only thing to do in this situation is have them extracted. Most often, you will be asleep during this procedure, so you won’t feel anything besides the after effects. However, the dentist will prescribe something for the pain.

Dental Implants
Another common procedure is getting dental implants put in. This happens when you have already had a tooth extracted, but you don’t want to go without having a tooth. The dentist will be able to put a life-like tooth in that spot. Dental implants are made from titanium, and there are different kinds. Based on the quality of the remaining bone, your dentist may say you are a candidate for dental implants. The only time someone may not be a candidate is if they don’t have a good quality of bone left where the tooth was, or if something came up on the X-ray that is going to prevent it from happening. They can be used for missing teeth or for gaps between teeth. Anesthesia is provided during this type of procedure.

There are several different procedures when it comes to Oral Surgery in Short Hills NJ. Most will not be done without anesthesia. There are different types of anesthesia. Talking with your dentist about your options is beneficial. The dentist will do whatever it takes for you to be comfortable with Westfield Oral Surgery.

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