Get Your Art Shipped Safely in LA

When you transport your art, you need to remember how you’re packing it. You can’t exactly throw a priceless painting or a half ton bronze sculpture in a cardboard box, fill it with bubble wrap then give it to the courier. You need your art to be shipped in a container which fits it perfectly. One that is custom built to ensure your art isn’t damaged along its journey and reaching its destination in the same condition you sent it in. You can do this by inquiring about art crating in Los Angeles next time you propose to send a shipment.

What is Art crating?

Art crating is the procedure to create packaging for your work of art. Using high quality wood, crates are made to the specific measurements of your art by a team of certified crate builders. Normally, the crates will be made to be re-usable, meaning once you have the first, there’s no need for another. Art crating in Los Angeles can also involve installing your art as they will make a customer installation just right for your art.

How to Tell a Quality Art crating Company?

A good shipment company will provide quality art crating. But first, make sure of their experience, as in the art shipment industry, experience plays a key role. Check the companies prior shipments. If they have had contracts with museums, auction houses or private estate sales, then this normally demonstrates that their art crating is at a high industry standard. If the shipper doesn’t have this experience it does not necessarily mean they are bad, just that they lack possible information that only experience can provide.

Another way to tell how skilled a shipment company is, is by simply speaking with them. Arrange a consultation with your shipper to speak about your options. Good organizations will be able to suggest a wide range of shipment solutions all customized to meet your demands. If they cannot propose any options then chances are, they do not have much experience.

When choosing your preferred method of transportation and crate design, you can expect same day production from quality art crating providers. This way you can check the quality of the crate yourself.

Extra crating Options

When having your art shipped, usually you can take extra precautions to protect your possessions. Ask about earthquake and fire safety. A reputable shipper will be able to provide solutions to these issues for transportation and installation. Other possibilities, depending on your provider, will include strong boxes, for those extra fragile or extra heavy pieces.

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