What to expect in Cosmetology School

Cosmetology school offers many exciting opportunities from working as a makeup artist in a high end spa to providing makeup on movie sets or photo shoots. If you are excited about fashion and beauty and are always up on the latest in hair and makeup a career in cosmetology can prove to be very fulfilling and even offers opportunities to start up your own business.

What is Cosmetology?
Cosmetology encompasses anything to do with beauty from head to toe. You will learn everything from nail and hair care to makeup application as well as skin care and salon management.

What are the Qualities needed for Success?
If you are creative and have a strong sense of aesthetics when you look at others as well as an outgoing personality you are a perfect fit for this industry. You will learn to harness your creativity and apply it to bring out the best in your clients. You will also learn the many ways you can bring out someone’s best features using color as well as techniques to mask imperfections.

What Will Training Cover?
You will spend hours learning about color, color combinations and how to emphasize and de-emphasize a person’s features. You will learn about skin imperfections and how to smooth and perfect a person’s complexion. You will learn to understand how hair and makeup work together to improve a person’s appearance and all the tricks of the trade such as hiding dark circles, the tones required to cover up various color changes and tonal issues with skin and how to apply the makeup with skill and precision.

You will also learn about the tools of the trade from basic makeup brushes to more advanced equipment such as airbrushing. Advanced makeup application, the different types of makeup and when and how they should be used as well as understanding the different types of skin and what works and what doesn’t work with skin types will also be covered.

Hair and nails are important to beauty as well and you will learn how to apply not only skin and hair treatments but also learn about the importance of pampering with techniques such as scalp massage to make your clients enjoy their experience. You will learn standard techniques of cutting as well as more advanced techniques such as perming, straightening and coloring.

Finally you will be trained in salon management allowing you to advance in your salon career or even be prepared to open your own salon. Cosmetology school offers many opportunities if you have a passion for fashion and beauty.

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