Future Trends In Food Packaging Equipment

There are constant changes in the way that foods and beverages are packaged. Some of these changes are due to customer demand and response to new packaging options while others are done for better, safer and more efficient preservation of food items.

Regardless of why the changes occur, food packaging equipment has to be able to adapt and adjust to fill these new packaging demands. Keeping equipment current and not using outdated equipment is key in the food packaging industry. Working with a company that is selling food packaging equipment designed not just to keep up with trends but that anticipates trends is definitely a plus.

To-Go Foods

Healthy, simple and nutritious foods to go at convenience stores, grocery stores or even delivered to the home are a future trend that is only going to get more popular.

This has led to an increased need for packaging that is appealing to the consumer and also provides additional preservation potential for the manufacturer and packaging company. MAP or modified atmosphere packaging for a wider range of fresh and processed foods is certainly something to watch for.

Innovative and Efficient Packaging

Environmentally friendly consumers are more concerned with the types of packaging used in addition to the look and appeal of the packaging. Big, bulky packaging that may have been used to prevent damage to items such a baked goods, snacks and chips is now simply seen as wasteful.

Moving to more streamlined pouches and bags with air used to provide the interior cushion to these items is a smart move for many manufacturers. Working with sustainable types of packaging is also a trend that will continue to be a priority for many food packaging companies.

Options for Display

Along with innovative packaging, having options in food packaging equipment to produce a range of different bags and packaging options can be essential for branding and marketing. Bagged items that have the flat bottom to stack on shelves allow more marketing options that those that have to hang on hooks.

MAP allows for easy viewing of the food in the package, which is appealing to consumers that may be tempted by impulse purchases. It is also ideal for those looking for pre-cut and prepared food items that are quick and easy.

Understanding the trends in food packaging is more than just a glimpse into the future. It allows packaging companies to choose their equipment wisely and buy machines that will continue to provide quality packaging as the market demand changes.

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