Four Reasons to Get Watercraft Insurance

Many people get a feeling of freedom with a sense of adventure when they ride on watercraft. Going out on the water is a wonderful way to escape the responsibilities of daily life for awhile. But there is one important responsibility to consider before anyone should leave solid ground.

Consider four reasons to get Watercraft Insurance before venturing out on a boat, jet ski or other watercraft.

1. Cover Medical Expenses
If someone gets injured on a watercraft, it can lead to costly medical bills. When there is no insurance coverage, the owners of the watercraft could become personally liable to pay these bills. Some people think a boat is covered under their homeowners insurance policy. Usually this only applies to very small watercraft, such as row boats. However, they might not even be covered without a separate rider or insurance policy. Always consult with an insurance agent before assuming a boat is covered by insurance. Make sure watercraft of all sizes and types are insured.

2. Protect a Costly Investment
It can cost thousands of dollars to invest in a boat, yacht or other watercraft. Whether the boat is used for pleasure or profit, is important to protect this costly investment. Even people who drive safely can be hit by other boaters who are acting irresponsibly on the water.

3. Protect Property that Belongs to Others
The water can be unpredictable, which can ultimately lead to unforeseen accidents. For example, a boater might wind up hitting a dock and cause damage to a marina. This can be quite expensive to fix. Having Watercraft Insurance can protect property that belongs to others. Whether a boater hits another watercraft or some type of marine property, insurance can help cover the related costs associated with the accident.

4. Comply with Local Laws and Regulations
Some areas require boaters to carry watercraft insurance at all times. This includes certain marinas, bodies of water and other locations. Watercraft owners can ensure compliance at all times by maintaining a proper insurance policy.
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