Questions to Consider About Landscape Design in New Canaan, CT

The functionality of the yard is based on its design. In order to get the most use, the design has to accommodate the activities associated with a family’s lifestyle. As the design is developed, these are some of the questions to consider. These questions will help determine if the right direction is being taken with the landscape design.

The first question to ask about the Landscape Design in New Canaan CT, is what activities will the family engage in?. If the yard is designed to be an entertainment space, it needs to be included in designing the space. If there are multiple uses, make sure to list each activity. This will help to determine which direction the design is going in and what are the most important activities to include. It can help to list them in order of priority. This will help with space configuration and space planning.

The next question to consider is the amount of space needed for each activity. Some areas, such as an outdoor cooking area, will need more space than others. This answer depends on the activity and the number of people utilizing the area. It can help to measure out the area on the yard to determine if adequate space has been provided. Design plans can be adjusted if the space allotted isn’t adequately meeting the needs.

Once the space and areas are defined, the next question on the list for Landscape Design in New Canaan CT, is what type of features would help enhance the space. Water features, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces are common features added in designs. Each feature can be designed to accommodate the design style of the yard. Different materials, patterns, and accents are part of the overall aesthetics of the finished look of the feature. In order to maximize the feature, it should also be scaled properly to the space.

Designing a yard requires asking some different questions. The use of the space, how much space needed and what features to include are among the questions to ask. Contact Giglio Landscaping Services to help you get answers to these different questions and for advice on the best way to utilize your yard.

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