Foreplay Fun: What Should You Include in Your Date Night Kit?

Marriage is a beautiful thing. However, the routine of marriage can lead to a stagnation of your intimacy as lovers. It doesn’t have to, though – especially since there are so many things designed specifically to help you keep things interesting and exciting!

Building a Date Night Kit

Want to spice things up with your partner without spending thousands on a romantic getaway? Bring that spirit of exploration home with a date night kit full of fun and interesting sex toys and accessories.

You might have previously thought of sex toys as something taboo – something for people who are not already happily married. The truth is, the biggest buyers of sex toys are those who are in a stable, loving marriage and just looking for something fun to keep things interesting!

Creating a kit of sexy essentials will make it easier to get started exploring new areas of intimacy together. It will also make it simple to grab everything you need and get things started when you have – something that is often at a premium for married couples!

What Should Be in Your Date Night Kit?

What should you include in your kit? The best answer is to add anything you usually use, plus a few fun and exciting new things to try.

This might include:

  • Condoms
  • Lubricant or massage oil
  • Vibrating toys
  • Blindfold and comfortable restraints
  • Edible lotions, sprays, or lubricants
  • Games, books, and other fun prompts for foreplay and more

Basically, anything you might want to try with your partner is a welcome addition to your grab-and-go kit!

Making It Easy on Yourself – Buy a Preassembled Kit

Don’t have the time to test multiple products and build a kit on your own? Trust the experts and purchase a premade kit.

There are tons of options, including those for brand-new toy users, more experienced partners, and those who are interested in trying specific new things. Whatever you’re looking for, there is a kit ready right off the shelf to take you and your partner there tonight!