How to Get Back in the Swing of Things with Single Parent Dating

You’ve been meaning to get back into the dating game for some time now. True, you might have been burned before, but that just made you burn all the more for the right love from the right person—and you know they have to be out there somewhere.

That said, you’re also a single parent now, and—let’s be honest—that can complicate things. However, it doesn’t have to make a search for that special someone impossible. Here are a few things to keep in mind when entering into the world of single parent dating.

Evaluating Mates Based on Their Reactions

It should go without saying that one of the biggest difficulties facing single parents looking to date again is how to balance their love life and parenting time. You don’t want to miss out on all that great parent/child time, but you don’t want to be perpetually running late to dates or cancelling, either.

That said, you can make being a single parent actually work to your advantage in at least one respect—it helps you evaluate the character of those you date, and weed out unworthy candidates faster. While you don’t want to always be cancelling on them, the fact remains that if the person you’re dating isn’t OK with your kids, or the time and energy you need to take care of them, they aren’t relationship material. You can do better, and you deserve better when it comes to single parent dating.

It’s OK to Schedule “Me-Time”

For many the biggest obstacle to single parent dating is a self-imposed lack of me-time. If you’re a truly devoted parent, you may feel a little guilty at the idea of scheduling time which is meant to be specifically for you, and away from the kids. If this is you, remember—we all need a little personal time every now and again, and that doesn’t stop just because you’re a single parent. Give yourself the break you need and a chance at the happiness you deserve. You may even find those few hours of scheduled me-time leave you mentally refreshed, revitalized, and actually help you be an even more engaged parent.

Believe in yourself, in second chances, and the power of single parent dating.