Finding The Best Rates for Auto Insurance

Many people stay with the car insurance company they currently have for years without questioning the rates. Just because you have always used the one insurance company does not mean that you are paying the best rate available. In fact, you could be grossly overpaying by hundreds of dollars a year and not even know it. Thankfully there are Auto Insurance Lacey companies out there that are happy to quote prospective customers rates. They could save you a lot of money, as much as a car payment per year.

The first step to finding the best rates is to gather the basic information that is needed for a quote. Social security numbers, car vehicle identification number, your past driving record information, home address info, and such. You can call multiple companies for quotes or go online and compare several companies at once. The price is not the only thing to consider. One must consider the amount of coverages offered, the deductibles, the maximums, and the add on like towing or rental benefits. Adjusting these coverages can drastically change the price. If you have a second vehicle and would not need rental covered, get rid of it to see how much the price drops. Raising the deductibles can also drop the price, but keep in mind this means more out of pocket when you are in an auto accident.

Ways to get the lowest Auto Insurance Lacey rates is to look for bundling opportunities. See if the company offers a multi-car discount, or a discount if you insure your home through them also. Ask how much you would save if you took defensive driving. Ask about discounts for students or people in the military. Do not be shy about asking what you can do to lower your rate, or asking a company if they can beat a rate quoted by another company.

Once rates have been quoted by several companies, you will know if you are paying the best rate available. The worst thing is finding out you have been overpaying by as much as $300 for years. If switching to a new company can save money, there really isn’t a reason not to switch.

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