Renting A Photo Booth Makes Every Event More Fun!

Who hasn’t been to the same old party?  Music, dancing, food – these ingredients are the basics for a nice enough party. When a pop of energy and fun is needed, think about a photobooth rental in Miami! It is easier than ever to rent a photo booth that’s affordable, convenient and high-tech.  The photo booth is delivered to the party site the day of the event. Set-up is easy and guests are on their way to having the time of their lives! Whether you are planning for a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or other special occasion, a photo booth can make a huge difference.


Weddings are all about intimacy, love and fun.  Having guests bond and laugh about their photos is a way to make a wedding even more special. Photo booth keepsakes can easily replace wedding party favors and the photos can be personalized and stamped with the date and name of the bride & groom. For your next wedding plans, make sure to include photobooth rental in Miami.

Corporate events

A corporate event can often be stuffy. Why not do a corporate event photobooth rental in Miami to loosen up attendees and help foster corporate spirit and camaraderie? A company logo can be imprinted on each photo and event photos are sure to be displayed back at the office. Employees who don’t usually interact with one another have the chance to be creative and to get to know one another in the photo booth!

Birthday parties

Birthday parties often bring together people from different parts of the birthday boy or girl’s life – yet these folks often don’t know each other!  A photobooth rental Miami helps move the party along.  Guests will go from being strangers to being friends with the help of a photo booth.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is often the biggest celebration-to-date in a young person’s life. Celebrants want to embrace this important milestone and to commemorate the event with a keepsake. Many guests are thirteen years old, an ideal group for the instant gratification of a photo! This group is tech-savvy and will appreciate the modern features of a photo booth rental in Miami!

Team parties

A team party wraps up the season for a group of athletes. Bonding has occurred over the season and the team is ready to blow off steam and to have some fun! A photo booth rental will help the entire team remember the season long after the last game has been played!

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