Furman Realty on Preparing a House for Showing

There are a lot of things to consider, prepare, and accomplish when putting your house on the market. Of course your Realty agent will assist you with a lot of these things, including the paper work, legal documents, understanding the current housing market, disclosure, contracts, and so on. There is one thing that is primarily in your hands; and that is physically preparing your house for prospective buyers. A potential buyer could and will walk away from a nice home if the presentation is not up to par. They do not want to spend time and energy trying to see the potential in the house; they want that potential to be obvious. This does not mean you have to go out and do all of those home repairs that you have been putting off, but there are some simple things you can do to get your home show-ready.

Set the Stage
First, distance yourself from your home and imagine what it would look like to a prospective buyer. You want to create a clean, warm environment. This is a great time to do that spring cleaning that you’ve been putting off for years. Not only will your house show better with less junk and stuff, but you will have less to move when the time comes. Organize the items you do decide to keep. Place essential things in boxes that you can tuck away when buyers come. Go beyond the normal neat and tidy. If the buyer sees that you organize your pantry and sort your clothes by color, they may assume that you take the same precise care with the rest of your home.

Remove You from the Equation
also suggests that you take down the family photos in the hallway and the A plus papers you have hanging on the refrigerator. You want potential buyers to see this house as THEIR home, not yours. You should also remove anything that you would like to keep, including built in fixtures and appliances.

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