Finding A Church In Detroit Where You Can Grow In Your Walk With God

Finding a church that you’re comfortable in should be an important decision that you make with the rest of your family. You want to be able to learn about the teachings that you believe in from a pastor who is knowledgeable. While attending church, you should also feel as though you can participate in group studies and special events that take place during the year so that you can grow in your faith. If you’re looking at Detroit churches to possibly visit or join, here are a few things to look for so that you find one where you feel you belong.


Find out about the teachings that take place in Detroit churches so that you know which book is used and which version of the Bible is used. If the church doesn’t have the same beliefs that you have, then find one that does share in the same values and thoughts so that you are comfortable with the teachings that are offered.


When you’re in church, you need to feel as though the members are encouraging you to attend and take part in worship services. You might enjoy singing or teaching a class or engaging in a small group with people who are your age so that you can learn more about the Lord. You shouldn’t feel as though you are pushed away from the church just because you are new to the congregation.

The Right Equipment

Aside from your Bible, the church you decide to attend should equip you with the right tools so that your faith and beliefs grow. These tools might include workbooks that have Bible verses in them that you can study or pamphlets that you can take home to share with others. There should be ways for you to get involved with mission work as well whether it’s giving money or participating in special events.

Learn more about how to find a church you’re comfortable at by contacting Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

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