The Appeal of Attending Old St Mary’s Daily Masses in Detroit

As a Roman Catholic, you may be devoted to the Mass and want to partake of the sacrament as often as you can. You want to attend Mass more than once a week on Sunday. You ideally want the opportunity to attend every day if possible.

To fulfill your spiritual needs, you need to find a parish that offers this availability of Mass times. You can join and go to the Old St Mary’s daily Masses in Detroit in addition to attending the Saturday Vigil or Sunday morning Mass.

Staying Connected

One of the main appeal factors that come with going to Mass daily involves staying connected to God and your Catholic faith. Weekly attendance may be required. However, when you want to be in God’s presence as much as possible, you may want to go to a daily Mass instead of just one that is held once a week on the weekends.

You can partake of the sacrament and reinforce your Catholic faith with daily attendance. You can also feel more connected to the rest of the parish family and reinforce the feeling that you have found yourself a spiritual home.

Old St Mary’s daily Masses in Detroit allow parishioners to attend Mass more than just once a week on Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings. You can find out more about when the Masses are held each day online. Contact Old St Mary by going to for details.

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