New Technologies Being Built Into Cars Braking Systems And What They Mean To Drivers

It wasn’t too long ago that brakes consisted of bulky drums. As time and technology advanced, brakes shifted to slimmer discs. It’s the 21st century now, and the technology built into braking systems is breathtaking. Brakes near Hickory Hills can almost think for themselves. What does this mean for drivers?

Specific Technologies

Self-Lubricating Brakes

Mixing nanoparticle-based carbon fibers into brakes based on polymers has resulted in self-lubricating brakes. These new smaller brake pads are more efficient, withstanding higher temperatures and greater friction.

Active Rollover Resistance

When a car is knocked alongside a curb and then bashed into by a third vehicle, the tendency is for the car to roll over. Cars equipped with this technology recognize that a roll is coming, and the brake system kicks in to prevent it.

Brake By Wire

You’ll find this technology in hybrid and electric vehicles, although mainstream cars are now beginning to use it. It consists of electronic sensors and actuators replacing master cylinders, pumps, hoses, belts, and fluids.

When the brake pedal is pushed, the sensors detect speed and/or an emergency situation. The signal is then sent to the brakes, where the ABS kicks in or the car slows its speed.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

When the brakes near Hickory Hills are pushed, this technology applies the same amount of braking power to all the wheels. The ABS sometimes kicks in to give the driver more vehicle control. Some systems stop the back wheels before distributing equal pressure to all the wheels.

Emergency Brake Assistance

A driver sees an emergency coming up fast and slams on the brakes. However, the pressure isn’t enough to fully stop the car. Emergency brake assistance senses when the driver isn’t using enough pressure to stop the car, so it stops the car itself. See? Brakes really can think for themselves.

Brakes are the most important safety feature on a car. Contact Wilrae, Inc. for repairs or replacement of your brakes (and any technologies they include).

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