Female Indian Pop Singer in New York Restoring Culture to Music

The world is full of talented, hard-working musicians and artists. Over the past few decades, all of that talent and potential has been undercut by the wide-sweeping reach of mainstream pop-culture. Large corporations raise teen stars up each and every year only to cast them aside once they are no longer making money. The music made by big business spins the same dull lyrics, and serializes an entire genre of music. They strip the music itself of culture and identity. That is why passionate music artists like Rimi Basu are so important to music.

Rimi Basu was raised in an environment rich in cultural diversity. With parents who emigrated from Calcutta, India to become officials in Washington D.C., she was exposed at a younger age to two cultures. Her passion for art began with training in classical as well as folk Indian music and dance. While studying at the Indian Language(Bengali) School that her father founded, she was exposed to folk music and dance, while in parallel becoming an avid listener of hip-hop, rap, and pop music. Her identity is a fusion of these two cultures that have allowed her to embrace her passion for music.

The culmination of her musical identity extends from her adolescence. As a young adult, she took a real risk in expressing her passion for music and dance. Rimi Basu is a female Indian pop singer in New York now, but before that she attended a prestigious medical school. She cast aside that lifestyle to pursue her true musical ambitions. Traveling across the world, Rimi went to India to study Indian music under the renowned musician, Ajoy Chakrobarty. Her performances have earned her much acclaim and demand across India, Southeast Asia, Europe, and at home in the United States.

Take a lesson from this female Indian pop singer in New York about pursuing dreams. There is passion in her music. She has a commanding stage presence, and she is a dedicated individual. Musicians like these work to put the entirety of themselves into their performances. Just watching, one can tell that they love the music they are making. That is what gives it character separate from the mainstream.

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