What Makes Wrigley Field Rooftops the Go-To Place for Cubs Games

There is only one place you can get Rooftop Cubs Tickets in Chicago and that is from Wrigley View Rooftops, the home of the birds-eye-view of Wrigley Stadium and Field! It is the coolest place to see the game.

Need to know facts about Wrigley Field Rooftops:

  • There are no day of game ticket sales for the Rooftop View, and all purchases and names must be on file with the department the day before an event.
  • City of Chicago liquor and spirits ordinance limits the legal sales within the stadium to beer and wine. No hard liquor is allowed on the premise nor will any be sold! The venue at the Rooftops are open to registered guests one hour before the start of the game and all guests must leave a half hour after the end of the game. All guests must have a valid picture ID to get in.
  • Wrigley View has the right to deny anyone entry or ask anyone to leave the premise if they are deemed to be intoxicated, violent, or if they pose a threat to the safety of anyone else on the premises.
  • The Rooftop has no assigned or reserved seats and it is not permitted to save seats. There are multiple levels to explore including an outdoor seating area and an indoor climate control clubhouse area.
  • There is elevator access and the Rooftops area is fully ADA compliant.  There are also designated restrooms just for Rooftops ticket holders for their convenience and a designated food area – so there is no need to wait in lines and miss part of the game!

When you want to get Rooftop Cubs Tickets for Chicago home games, the best tickets to get are for Wrigley View Rooftop!

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