Why Would You Use A Short Wooden Handle Shovel?

In correct use of language, you would only use a Short Wooden Handle Shovel when you wished to pick something up with it and throw or carry that something to another place. Because of its short handle, the “stuff” to be lifted would not be all that heavy and the throwing distance would not be all that far.

The “stuff” on the end of the shovel will normally be something similar to earth, sand, snow or the cement and water mix that will set to become concrete. “Stuff” such as hay or grass would normally be lifted, transported and thrown with a fork or pitchfork – leaves can be tricky and would perhaps be better swept or blown away.

Is It A Shovel Or, A Spade?

On the premise that shovels are only used for lifting and throwing, they should not be used for digging holes. For that job, you should use a spade. Shovels tend to have quite a curvature to the metal piece that is attached to a wooden handle. The curvature helps hold more “stuff” on the blade. Normally, the blade would not have a defined cutting edge; nor would it be folded over at the top to provide a surface for applying foot pressure to dig the blade into the ground.

However, it is a common human habit to be less than precise when using our own language. We might never say that we are going out to dig the snow off our driveway – in this instance, we automatically think in terms of shovelling snow. On the other hand, we would not say that we are going out to shovel the backyard and plant some potatoes – here we automatically think in terms of digging the potato patch.

That being said, we might well go to our tool storage space and select a spade to shovel snow with or a shovel to dig the backyard! In everyday speech, the two words are often interchanged.

Why The Short Handle?

The leverage principle dictates that a long handle on the blade of a shovel will make it easier to lift loads with but, make it too long and it could become too cumbersome for us to use. Another reason for choosing a Short Wooden Handle Shovel at Earth Talon relates to storage space in our garage or wherever we store our basic tools. Additionally, a short handle will be easier to use in tight spaces.

At the online store of the Earth Talon company (aka Curry ToolWorks), you can purchase a Short Wooden Handle Shovel that has a new, unique cutting edge that will enable you to both dig and shovel. Check out the details in the video at

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