Exploring Your Options for Off-Campus Marquette University Housing

Living on campus is the ideal choice for incoming freshmen and even sophomores. However, as you progress in your schooling, you may no longer find dorm life conducive to your daily routine. You need a better option for living successfully as an upperclassman.

Instead of living on campus, you can find nearby apartments for rent that are designed for students. These reasons are some for moving to nearby off-campus Marquette University housing today.

More Privacy

One of the main advantages that come with living off-campus in your own place involves having more privacy afforded to you. When you live in a dorm, you have to share space not only with your roommate but also with dozens of floormates. You do not have your own bathroom or place to study alone.

An off-campus apartment gives you your own bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedroom. You also have more closet space in which to store your belongings. You can live comfortably without having to share space with dozens of others.

You likewise can come and go without having to check in with a desk clerk or resident advisor after hours. You have your own key to leave and enter your own apartment at your discretion.

You can find out more about living in off-campus Marquette University housing online. To see floor plans, pricing and other details about the apartments, you can reach out to Lark on 14th online.