2 Vehicle Defect Situations Where Lemon Laws in Ohio May Apply

Lemon laws are state laws that help consumers find a remedy for products that repeatedly fail to meet compliance, quality, and performance standards. Lemon law refers to defects concerning a wide range of consumer products but is often associated with vehicle defects. Here are 2 situations where Ohio Lemon Law statutes are utilized during litigation.

Vehicle Doors Opening Unexpectedly

One situation where lemon law statutes may apply is when your vehicle door opens unexpectedly while in motion despite them being tightly closed. You are driving to a destination with other passengers or by yourself. You make a turn and one of the doors suddenly opens on its own. This may be due to a defect in the vehicle’s door latch mechanism.

Rearview Camera Turns Off When Reversing

Another situation where lemon law statutes may apply is when your vehicle’s rearview camera suddenly turns off when reversing. There are several dangerous and sometimes deadly implications that may happen when this situation occurs. Your vehicle’s rearview camera maybe defected or there was a failure in the system’s software.

Do These Situations Apply To You?

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