Estate Planning: How a Family Lawyer in Bremerton, WA Can Help

The practice of family law encompasses a wide range of issues. The key is that all of them relate to the well-being of the family unit. One area where a Family Lawyer in Bremerton WA can provide advice is in the structuring of an estate. Here are some examples of what the lawyer can do for the client.

Preparing End of Life Documents

In order to ensure the estate can be settled without a lot of trouble, it pays to have all the basic end of life documents in place. The foundation for all the activity that will follow is a last will and testament. The Family Lawyer in Bremerton WA can discuss different ways to structure the wills so that everyone in the family is protected. For example, one approach is for the spouses to specifically designate the other as the primary beneficiary for all holdings and assets. The documents will go on to specify that in the event both spouses pass away, the assets are divided among the children according to an attached schedule. This type of preparation is important, even if the family does not happen to own a lot in the way of tangible assets.

Setting Up Trusts

There are many different types of trust funds, and a family lawyer can help the client understand how each one works. The establishment of a trust is a great idea when there is some reason to think that one or more of the heirs would not manage the inheritance in a responsible manner. Trusts can be used as the repository for assets and ensure that each heir receives benefits in the way of living allowances, payment of college tuition and fees, or any other expenses identified in the terms of the trust.

For anyone who is interested in getting started with estate planning, make an appointment with a family lawyer today. Finding the right place to begin will not be difficult, and the lawyer can provide some ideas for how to move forward and make changes as the family acquires more wealth. By putting the basics in place now, the family will be prepared for whatever tomorrow should bring.

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