Granite and Quartz Countertops Can Enhance Maple Grove, MN Homes

Modern countertops come in a number of different styles, materials and colors. In fact, so many, that it can be a challenge for someone thinking about remodeling their bathroom or kitchen. However, it also allows nice customization options for homeowners. First on the list of considerations are function and budget. Granite and quartz are popular material choices for countertops. Maple Grove, MN homeowners can achieve particular benefits from each type.

The Kitchen – A Very Popular Room
As such, many people tend to spend time and money to give their kitchen the attention it deserves. Another important consideration is what type of countertop best complements the feel and look of one’s home.

Granite Countertops
Granite is a popular choice for many, and it can be one of the most expensive options. However, one should never count it out because distributors and installation companies can always work within a person’s budget. Functionality should be considered first, and price second. Granite is porous, which means that it can easily absorb oils and waters. Homeowners have to remember that it needs sealing each year. Naturally quarried, granite can easily increase a home’s value.

Quartz Countertops
While granite is extremely popular, quartz is an engineered stone product that is popular among many as well. It is stain-resistant, sleek, and extremely durable. It is can be a beautifully aesthetic choice. It is also a heat resistant material. Homeowners do not have to be concerned about hot items scorching the counter. Of course, care should be taken not to place those items on the counter in the first place.

Finding the right fabrication and installation company serving Maple Grove, MN is also a top priority. It takes a professional outfit to fabricate and install the right countertop look and feel. They will likely be able to offer the following additional services: concrete slabs, bathroom vanities, backsplashes, marble table tops and fireplace surrounds.

Choose a company that is dedicated to excellence and delivering great customer service. Once installed, the right countertop can add amazing value to a home. It is a centerpiece that really enhances the décor of a home and also gives it added value.

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