Take Your Company’s Jewelry Packaging to the Next Level

The jewelry industry, more so than almost any other industry, is known for its packaging. Everyone knows that a tiny wrapped box for an anniversary or a birthday is probably a piece of jewelry, and women around the world secretly hope to see a little blue Tiffany’s box presented to them on a special occasion. Since jewelry is so often a luxury purchase, it makes sense that jewelry packaging should be as beautiful as the gem inside the box. Here are some tips for creating some great packaging.

Make the Design Fit the Item
This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s actually well worth considering. All of your products should not come in the same generic box. You wouldn’t put tiny earrings in the same packaging as a long necklace that could be easily tangled, right? Make sure that the jewelry packaging fits the item it contains and presents the piece to its greatest advantage. Make sure that earrings and rings are securely placed so they don’t fall out and that necklace chains do not get knotted.

Jewelry Packaging with Luxury Finishes
As previously stated, jewelry can be expensive, so make the packaging match. Don’t use cardboard boxes or cloth bags; instead, opt for satin bags and display pillows. Use heavier materials for your boxes and make sure that all cards and labels are printed on quality stock paper. Also make sure that everything is clean, lint-free, and impeccably organized.

It’s been proven time and time again that people love personalized items. Go the extra mile for your customers by allowing them to personalize their jewelry packaging with initials, quotes, or personal messages. This makes the gift all the more special to the recipient and shows that your company is willing to take the time to create a great presentation.

Brand It
You want your packaging to speak for your brand from the moment someone sees it. Work for continuity across all your product packaging. Make sure that tissue paper, bags, boxes, cards, and more all have the same font, colors, and logos. If you’re consistent with your packaging and deliver quality products, people will soon come to associate elegant pieces of jewelry with your specific boxes and bags.

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