Drug Abuse: 4 Signs You Need Rehab Already

Acknowledging that you have a drug problem is important. But recovery will only start when you decide to seek out help. If you are starting to encounter any of the following signs, then these indicate the severity of your addiction. Before your condition worsens, it may be time to start evaluating rehab centers in Fort Lauderdale to find out which one is right for you.

Focus on drugs

If drugs are the only thing on your mind, if you can only think of getting the next fix, then that is a clear indication of your dependence on the drug. Cravings that keep coming back after you’ve had fix are signs that tell you it’s time to seek out professional help. Start your search for rehab centers in Fort Lauderdale that meet your needs and choose one.

Secretive behavior

If you are becoming secretive as you try to hide signs of how frequent you use the drug or how addicted you are, then that is another indication that you are suffering from severe substance disorder, the InPatient.Org says. You need to get help before your condition spirals out of control.

Withdrawal symptoms

If you suffer from nausea or experience vomiting after you attempt to stop using the drug, or you have body aches, insomnia, shaking, irritability, depression and more, then those are common withdrawal signs. Withdrawal happens when your body has developed tolerance against the drug. Because prolonged use of the drug alters the way your neurons work, the symptoms tell you how severe your level of addiction is.

Inflicting damage

If you hurt yourself or someone else while you are high, then you are no longer in control of your impulses. If you are having suicidal or harmful thoughts or blacking out only to wake up with bruises or injuries, then enroll yourself into a rehab program.

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