Avoid Mistakes During a Divorce With Help From a Child Custody Lawyer in Cleveland TN

Divorces are trying and difficult even under the best of circumstances, and they’re even more so when child custody battles are involved. During such a difficult time, a person may act irrationally, affecting his or her case. Below are a few of the factors a Tennessee judge may consider when making child custody decisions, as well as some mistakes to avoid during a custody battle.

The Child’s Best Interest

To determine what to avoid during a custody battle, it helps to review the court’s criteria for appropriate child placement. Some of the court’s considerations include:

  • The child’s relationships with both parents, siblings, and others
  • Adjustment to home, community, and school
  • Each parent’s willingness to foster a relationship between the child and the other parent
  • Proof of spousal abuse

A Child Custody Lawyer in Cleveland TN will help a client avoid mistakes that may jeopardize their case.

Behave Appropriately

Whether a parent is fighting for primary custody or weekend visitation, the court considers all their behaviors during the evaluation process. The other parent may point out negative behaviors, but as long as one acts as if the judge were observing all interactions between parents, mistakes are more easily avoided.

Alienation of Affection

Children thrive in two-parent households. If one parent makes a habit of putting the other parent down, the children may feel compelled to choose one over the other. Judges are quite familiar with this behavior, and they strongly discourage it.

Moving In With Someone Else

Divorces are tough on children, and it’s hard for them to understand why their parents don’t love each other anymore. Things are made even harder when one parent moves on with someone else. The courts are reluctant to expose the children to these truths, so to avoid controversy, do not bring the children around a new significant other.

One of the most crucial steps a parent can take to protect themselves during a custody dispute is to hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Cleveland TN. Visit the website to fill out an online contact form or call the firm of Chancey-Kanavos to request a consultation.

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