Don’t Let Life Interfere with Faith

It can be hard to keep your faith if you allow life to get in the way. It is easy to miss church on Sundays, put aside prayer and even live your life without your Christianity playing a role in your decisions. It is very important that you do not let life interfere with your faith. Instead, faith should be the guiding light that is the one constant in your life everyday.

Time to Pray

Even if you do not have time to go to church you must find time to pray. Everyday it is very easy to incorporate prayer into your life and be sure to give thanks to God for all of your blessings. Grace before meals when you sit down for dinner, a prayer of thanks before you go to sleep and even a prayer of gratitude when you awake each morning are all simple but meaningful ways to remain faithful. You will find your days become brighter when you remember to stay in touch with God through prayer. Be certain your prayers are full of gratitude and are not just prayers for God to give you more. Through gratitude for what God has given you it is possible to reap further rewards from God’s love.

Daily Devotions

Daily devotions not only show your faith and love for God, but provide you with much needed quiet time in your life. Life is very hectic and when you take time to stop and concentrate completely on God and your faith you will also be spending time that is quiet, reflective and helpful in keeping you focused and at peace with yourself. Many people find Free Spiritual Readings Online can provide them with an excellent jumping off point to reflect on during their daily devotions. Others appreciate certain bible verses that can be read aloud and reflected upon. The important thing is to find time everyday, even if it is just a few minutes that are completely devoted to God and strengthening your faith.

The bible tells us that we must live by faith not sight. Your faith must always be front and centre in your heart and mind. You will find your life is in tune when you live with faith.

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