Do You Really Need Special Solar Eclipse Glasses?

A major solar eclipse is on the horizon and it won’t be long before you could be taking part in the event. Most people know it’s not a good idea to stare directly at the sun, even during eclipses. However, you shouldn’t follow any old wives tales or something someone told you to do, and you should have special eclipse viewers on hand. Here are several good reasons to purchase safe solar eclipse glasses for the event.

Eye Safety

Few things in life are more important than protecting your vision and the vision of your loved ones. Some cases of retinal damage may heal but many times, the damage is permanent and it can affect vision years from now, as you age.

Cost Effective

Special glasses made for solar eclipses are not expensive. In fact, you can order them online and pay less than one dollar per viewer. You might be planning a special event for your home or business. Reputable eclipse viewer suppliers can provide you with many different kinds of glasses and they can be customized to your business or event.


Maybe you are not looking for safe solar eclipse glasses. You also can order handheld eclipse viewers which are very simple to use. They are perfect for people who wear glasses and are the size of a 3 X 5 card, so they easily fit into your hand or a pocket.

Much Better Than Pinhole Viewers

There are several kinds of homemade viewers you can make but why waste the time? Eclipse viewers are so inexpensive there is no reason to make a pinhole viewer. Besides, pinhole viewers do not give you the kind of experience you can receive by looking directly at the eclipse through specially filtered glasses. With homemade viewers, you only see a projection of the image and it is not quite the same thing.

Some Viewers Are Not Safe

Unless you use a viewer proven to filter out all UV and infrared light, you are taking chances with your vision. Just because something is dark and transparent does not mean it is safe for your eyes. For example, darkened glass or photographic negatives may appear to be safe but they are not. Infrared and ultraviolet light are invisible to the naked eye so they do their damage without you even knowing it.

Peace of Mind

Inexpensive safe solar eclipse glasses are the best choice for many reasons. They filter out one hundred percent of the ultraviolet and infrared light from the sun. They also filter 99.999 percent intense light, making for a most pleasurable and safe viewing experience.

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