Pinhole Projectors Vs Solar Eclipse Viewer Glasses

A total eclipse of the sun is due in North America soon. In fact, it could be a few years before another one comes by and you have two major choices for viewing this event safely. You can make your own pinhole viewer or buy some inexpensive solar eclipse viewer glasses. Which is the best thing to do? Let’s look closer at each option to see.

Pinhole Viewers

A pinhole viewer or projector works because it lets you look at the sun without directly staring at it. There are several ways you can make one of these viewers. You can take two white paper plates and cut a small hole in one. With your back to the sun, hold up the plate with the hole in it and let the light shine through to the other plate. You may have to hold the plates just right to see anything.

Some people make homemade viewers with shoe boxes and tin foil, and there are several ways you can make these projectors. However, there are some downsides to this strategy:

 * Unlike solar eclipse viewer glasses, you don’t get to look directly at the eclipse.

 * The image may not be as clear as you would like.

 * By the time you make adjustments, the eclipse could be over. They don’t last long.

Eclipse Glasses

Eclipse glasses are easy to wear and don’t cost much. There are no downsides, but there are several benefits with solar eclipse viewer glasses:

 * You don’t have to make anything.

 * The image is clear and crisp

 * You can choose from a wide range of colors and styles.

 * Glasses for children are available to enhance the experience and encourage their participation.

 * Eclipse glasses are perfect gifts to pass out at an eclipse viewing party or gathering. This ensures that everyone gets to see the eclipse safely.

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