Do It Yourself And Professional Plumbing Repair In Wichita KS

When the plumbing malfunctions in your home, it’s essential that you get it fixed right away. While you may be able to fix some repairs yourself, other times it’s best that you call a professional who specializes in Plumbing Repair in Wichita KS. Below you’ll learn about common plumbing issues in the home and if you should repair them yourself or call the plumber.

Q.) Can a leaky kitchen faucet be fixed or will it have to be replaced?

A.) Many times the cause of a leaky faucet is due to a worn out washer that’s located in the stem. Unscrew the faucet and replace the damaged washer with new one in the exact size. If the washer isn’t damaged, the valve seat may be deteriorated due to corrosion and you’ll need to contact a plumber for repairs.

Q.) What is the best way for a homeowner to unclog a clogged drain?

A.) When your sink or bathtub won’t properly drain, don’t reach for the chemicals. These toxic substances can cause damage to your drain pipes and septic system. Instead, use a plunger to loosen and release the clog in your drain. Make sure that the bottom of plunger is sealed tight against the drain before plunging. If the plunger doesn’t work to unclog your drain, the problem may be deeper down in the pipes and you’ll have to contact a professional.

Q.) Is it simple to fix a water pipe that’s leaking?

A.) Water pipes often come loose at the joints and begin to leak. Inspect your pipes to find out if the leak is due to a faulty joint. Turn off the water in your house before taking the pipe apart and adding a filler to the loose joint. If cracked or worn out pipes are the cause of the leak, contact a professional who performs Plumbing Repair in Wichita KS to replace them before they all begin to fail.

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