Keep The Heat Going With Quality Boiler Repair

There are several ways that you can heat your home, but one of the more common methods is known as radiant heating. This method of heat generation uses a boiler system and a series of radiators. It is sometimes known as central heat, but it shouldn’t be confused with central air systems or forced heating. Boiler systems work by heating water and pumping it through radiators situated in the home. The water is typically heated to about one hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit and gradually cools as it flows through the various radiators. Radiant heat of this sort is an on or off method of heating. To avoid wasting heat on a specific room, you will need to close a valve on the radiator in that space.

Boiler Repair can involve a number of problems from ignition failure to major leaks. Because most boiler systems are a closed unit, they may require a chemical mix to reduce corrosion in the pipes. This wasn’t always the case and many boiler systems would clog as rust built up inside them. One thing that radiant heat is noted for is the clanging sound the pipes make as the heated water courses through them. However, modern boiler systems avoid this problem by using better piping. Old methods often employed iron pipe which would expand under heat and pressure, but newer systems tend to use copper which handles heat expansion much better.

Radiant heat works because the radiator is a series of bent pipes designed to provide the most surface space in the smallest area. Radiators are typically double coiled to expose more pipe and some have fins to help the heat radiate better. A radiator can be a large unit that stands by the wall or a baseboard unit that runs along the floor. Unfortunately, this exposes the radiator to abuse such as damage from bent pipes or broken seams. This is usually noticed by small water puddles or steam leaking from the system. Damaged pipes can cause the system to shut down because there is no liquid to transport the heat. If the heating system is failing and you need Boiler Repair, then it is time to consult an expert like Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling.

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