What are bolt and screw anchors?

The conventional approach to fastening a bolt is with a corresponding nut or into a threaded hole but these approaches are not always acceptable solutions. In the event the material is extremely thin or otherwise not suited for threads then screw anchors in NY are used. Anchors come in a variety of designs, sizes and material and are used for multiple applications of both a light and heavy-duty application.

Screw anchors do the same job as a nut which is used in tandem with a bolt, both an anchor and a nut are designed to stop the screw or bolt from falling loose from the hole it passes through. When the area where you will commonly use a nut is not reachable, such as inside a wall cavity then a screw anchor is ideal as it can be inserted into a pre-drilled hole from the outside of the wall or any other similar surface or situation.

Screw anchors in NY are commonly used when a homeowner wishes to hang a picture or some other decorative piece on a wall in the home. Most modern homes use drywall, plaster is a thing of the past. Drywall is not a good material to screw into directly, it is too soft to hold the thread form, by inserting a wall anchor into the predrilled hole first; the fastener gets a far firmer grip for the threads.

If the weight of the object is in excess of what a common screw anchor can hold the homeowner can insert an expansion anchor. An expansion anchor is inserted into a predrilled hole, when the matching screw begins to tighten, that part of the anchor that is behind the drywall begins to expand so that it is larger than the hole thus stopping it from pulling back out. Expansion anchors work in a number of different ways but the reasoning for using them is always the same.

Wall anchors are usually made from plastic or nylon; they are manufactured in a couple of different forms. Some of these anchors in NY require a predrilled hole while others have a drive slot molded in and as they taper to a point they can be driven directly into dry wall. Once either type of anchor is imbedded in the wall a typical screw is then threaded into the inside threads which are molded into the anchor. As the screw tightens the pressure tends to expand the outside diameter of the anchor which makes it larger than the original hole and firm in the wall.

Wall anchors in NY are available for use in various materials including drywall, brick, masonry and stone. For a complete range of anchors for different uses in different sizes you are invited to contact EK Fastener.

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