Diamonds in Bethesda: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – or so they say. Approximately 70 percent of all brides-to-be receive engagement rings set with beautiful diamonds. More than 75 percent of all first-time brides are also given a diamond gift at their ceremony. The reason for this is simple. Diamonds are stunning gems that have become highly desirable, especially in the jewelry business. Before purchasing one of these brilliant stones, it’s important to learn more about them. Review these frequently asked questions all about diamonds to broaden your knowledge of these brilliant rocks.

What Types of Diamond Jewelry Are There?
Nearly any type of jewelry can be set with a diamond. However, the most desirable and well-known is the classic diamond ring. If you prefer your diamonds in other pieces, opt for a pair of diamond earrings, necklace, pendant, brooch, hairpin, tiara, or cuff links. Diamonds in Bethesda bring charisma and charm to any accessory they’re set into, giving them a unique sparkle and beautiful shine.

What Shape is Most Popular?
Diamonds can be found in a number of popular shapes. The most well-known diamond shapes include round, heart, pear, oval, marquise, radiant, emerald, and princess-cut. Out of all of these shapes, the most popular cut of diamond is the classic round shape. Many diamonds rings are accented with gemstones to add color next to a colorless diamond. Rubies, emeralds and garnets are among the most popular accent stones.

What Metals Go Best with Diamonds?
While diamonds can be set into nearly any type of metal, some are more desirable than others when it comes to fine jewelry. Diamonds in Bethesda are generally set into gold, silver or platinum, as these metals bring the brilliance out of the diamond. White gold appears similar to silver and looks stunning set behind a diamond of any size. The mirror-like finish of these metals complement the natural blue tones found in real diamonds.

What Colors Do Diamonds Come In?
Many people think that all diamonds are colorless, but this isn’t true. The more white or “colorless” a diamond is, the rarer it is and the more valuable. Many real diamonds are not completely colorless and have a subtle hue that can be seen in direct sunlight. The hue may be off-white to brown. Diamonds may also contain black or white inclusions in the stone. These inclusions are reflected when the light hits the diamond. No matter the color, diamonds are still the ultimate stone for jewelry lovers.

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