Retirement Home: Types and Tips to Choose

When you hear the word “retirement,” what comes into your mind? Are you scared that you have nothing left to do? Do you fear of contracting numerous and simultaneous diseases? Are you afraid that your kids will no longer take care of you as they are too busy with their own career and family problems? Are you afraid to be alone? Do not let yourself dwell on these negative thoughts.

Retirement is a period that we will all go through, and not all people are well-prepared for this. It is always not easy to decide about what you want, and where you will live during your retirement years. There’s nothing to worry about because retirement homes in Putnam can accommodate you depending on your needs. There are several types of these homes. To help you out in making up your mind, here are some facilities that you can consider.

Active Retirement Communities – also known as active adult communities. It is usually for people who are on their 50’s and sometimes above 60’s.

Assisted Living – Assisted living is suitable for those who are still able to live independently, but need assistance in doing certain daily activities. This type ranges from private room to apartment-style with private kitchen and washroom. In addition, there is also a common dining room where residents can meet and socialize. Services such as 24-hour emergency response, housekeeping, meals, laundry and social opportunities are provided there. For those who need assistance, they can choose the service which they think they need extra help with.

Independent Living – Almost similar to assisted living, but in independent living type; the service provider does not have the same obligation to offer specific services that are usually offered in Assisted Living facilities. The residents who opt for this type have freedom to choose which service they desire. Furthermore, make sure you get a list of service provided and ask whether you can get free higher level of care based on your health condition.

Campuses of Care – This place is ideal for those who know their level of care will change anytime.

Specialized level of care – This type is suitable for those that will require long-term care and those that are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Whether your loved parents are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or already in the advanced stage, qualified home care providers are ready to help with the daily activities such as getting dressed, bathing and dining.

Service for people with advance Alzheimer’s care is provided in assisted living, where residents receive 24-hour, seven days a week care.

To choose the best retirement homes in Putnam, you have to consider several factors such as whether the people are nice and warm, the service are readily available, fees, and access to clinic, hospital or your family. Enjoy your retirement!

Retirement is a process and we all just have to let it flow naturally. To find out more about the health care service retirement homes in Putnam offers, just visit

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