Jet Cards Manhattan: Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Them

If you are looking for a way to experience the benefits and amenities of private aviation without owning a private jet, you should consider using fractional jet cards in Manhattan, NY. With fractional jet cards, you get access to a number of hours of flying time through the finest and most luxurious private jets in the world. For the most part, users of fractional jet cards are given twenty five to fifty hours of flying time in excellent and quality private jets. Whether you are using these cards for business purposes or for leisure, investing in these cards is a superb alternative to buying pricey private jets.

Fractional jet cads, as the term implies, are mostly designed as a sublease of a jet fractional share. Basically, these cards are sold as prepaid hours of flight time with most providers offering between twenty five to fifty hours of flight time options. As you fly using these cards, the number of hours you have consumed will be debited or deducted from the prepaid account you have purchased. Aside from the flight time options, an owner or user of fractional jet cards has a variety of options on the type of aircraft that he or she wants to use.

Jet cards with twenty hours of flight time would usually cost around one hundred thousand up to one hundred forty thousand dollars. For the most part, the base rates for fractional jet cards already include taxes and other fees like fuel surcharges, passenger facility charges, per passenger fees and taxes, and Federal Excise. In some cases, jet card providers would offer services to their clients like limousine services, travel booking services, and flight entertainment and catering.

One of the main benefits of using jet cards is that it can save a great deal of time and effort on your part. With jet cards, you get to enjoy luxury of flying with the fastest and finest private jet planes in the planet. If you are travelling frequently, and you need to reduce your time in flying, investing in a jet card program is the right option for you. Aside from having faster aircraft, fractional jet cards offer a better and more convenient boarding procedure. With fractional jet cards, there is no need for you to undergo tedious security checks. In addition to that, flying in a private jet saves you from the hassles and distress of dealing with annoying passengers.

Since you will be flying in a private jet plane, using a jet card enables you to get complete privacy during the whole time of your flight. Other than you, the only individuals present in the aircraft are the crew and pilots. If you are looking for a way to travel with total privacy, it is best that you use jet cards in Manhattan, NY.

Jet card providers can arrange your private charter to Phoenix, Philadelphia, Miami, NY, Manhattan, or any other private flight imaginable with unsurpassed convenience and safety. Aside from providing local flights, some jet card providers also offer private jet services to people who want to travel abroad.

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