Considering Different Options for Braces in Gilbert AZ

Braces provide the opportunity to straighten teeth and provide the individual with a more attractive smile. Unlike decades past, there are several different options for Braces in Gilbert AZ that are worthy of consideration. Here are a few examples.


Metal Braces

There is always the option of going with traditional metal Braces in Gilbert AZ. The combination of wires and brackets make it very easy to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. This approach is still the most affordable of all brace solutions on the market today, making them ideal for someone who needs to monitor expenses closely.

Lingual Braces

This particular option for Braces in Gilbert AZ is designed to be more discreet than traditional metal braces. Lingual braces are still made using metal, but they are mounted along the back of the teeth rather than the front. This makes them much harder for others to detect. While the cost is more than traditional options and they may take some getting used to, this approach works very well for many patients.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are configured much like metal braces, but are designed to be less noticeable. Generally, the ceramic material will either be perfectly clear or a shade of white that is very close to the color of the teeth. As with metal braces, it is very important to practice good oral hygiene as a means of making sure the material is kept free of any type of residue, and that the ceramic does not begin to discolor.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are not actually Braces in Gilbert AZ. A better term for these devices would be aligners. They are clear and fit over the natural teeth. Typically, a set of twenty or more aligners is designed, with each one intended for use for around two weeks. Each aligner helps to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. This particular option is more often recommended for adults who have minor alignment issues to correct. A dentist can help the patient explore the pros and cons associated with each of these options. Choosing the right one will produce the desired results and ensure that the patient is happy with the way that the teeth look once the braces come off.

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