Four Simple Tips for HVAC Service in Minneapolis MN

HVAC plays a critical role in maintaining comfort both at home and in business offices through controlling ventilation and heating. To make sure that your HVAC system always gives you the needed comfort, it is important that you always keep it well maintained. These tips will help you to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently without having to pay for professional HVAC Service in Minneapolis MN.

Keep the Filters Clean

Inspect the filters every month to makes sure all are in good working condition. During this routine inspection, remove any dirt that might be visible. After six months remove all the dirty filters and replace them with new clean ones. By using this method, you will be guaranteed quality air all year round.

Remove Moist on the Evaporator Coils

Mold grows quickly on evaporator coils that are moist. This greatly reduces the efficiency of these coils. To remove this moist, clean the coil using a solution prepared by mixing same amounts of water and bleach. Do this cleaning both for the indoor and outdoor evaporator coils. As a safety measure, turn off the system when carrying out the cleaning.

Clean Air-intake Vents

Standing water on the air-intake vents can easily attract mold to grow on it. This blocks the air-intake vent causing the HVAC system to work inefficiently. For this reason, it is important that you always clean up this water to prevent the vents from accumulating and providing ground for growth of mold.

Inspect the Fans Regularly

It is almost impossible to have a dirt-free house or office. Some of this dirt accumulates in the fans causing a decrease in the flow of air. This makes the HVAC system inefficient. To avoid this, it is important to regularly check the fans for dirt. Using a wet cloth wipe off any dirt that you may find during these checks.

Even after following these tips, it is still important that you hire a professional of HVAC Service in Minneapolis MN like Twin City Mechanical once after every two years to review your system. With such regular maintenance plan, the HVAC system will be able to not only operate at maximum efficiency but will also last longer.


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