The Benefits Of Using Air Hoists

As with virtually all types of equipment when it comes to hoists you have a lot of different choices. There are hoist that can be operated by hand, electrical hoists and air hoists. For many different working conditions and for many different reasons air powered hoists are often preferred over the other type considerations.

Air hoists can range in size and carrying capacity just like any other type of hoist. They do need the appropriate air pressure, which is typically comparable to that of other pneumatic devices, which makes it practical to use on a variety of different worksites and jobs.

No Electricity Needed

One of the most common applications for air hoists is in areas where electrical sparks need to be minimized. In any type of processing or where volatile chemicals or compounds are present using air for power instead of electricity completely eliminates the concerns with the possibility of sparks during operation.

Some of these hoists that are designed for specialized locations and use actually have additional spark protection built into the system. This can include the use of copper and galvanized metals to assist in spark reduction.

Sizes for Jobs

The physical size and the carrying ability of air hoists are different between manufacturers and between models offered by the same company. This also means that the company may offer specialized trolleys that will match to the capacity of the air hoists within a system.


It is also important when considering different hoists to consider the inspection needs based on the types of service. Generally the more the air hoists are used the more frequent, even daily, that inspections should be completed.

During these inspections you will need to check all aspects of the hoist from the functioning of entire unit through to even listening for unusual sounds. If you notice anything that is not working properly it is essential to immediately have it repaired to prevent any possible injury or safety concerns.

The good news is that top companies offering repairs for air hoists can also provide rentals in the event that some type of damage is noted in the hoist currently in use. Typically air hoists are very reliable and, with proper maintenance and routine inspections problems can be quickly detected before they become major issues.

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