Common Repair Issues with an Ice Dispenser

Being in the restaurant business comes with a lot of stress and frustration, but when you get it right is can be a very beneficial situation. There are a variety of different factors that go in to running a successful restaurant and none of them are more important than the equipment that you use. If you are going to serve drinks in your restaurant, then you will need to purchase a quality Ice Dispenser. Just like any other appliance in your establishment, you will eventually have to repair your ice dispenser in order to keep it fully functional. Here are a few of the most common repair issues that you will encounter with your ice dispenser.

The Dispenser Control Board

One of the most serious problems that you will encounter on your ice dispenser is damage to the control board. If you start to notice that your ice dispenser is not working at all, then you may have a problem with your control board. The control board on your ice dispenser is what governs all of the functions that can be performed by your machine. The only way to fix a problem with your control board is by having it completely replaced by a professional.

Dispenser Switch

The dispenser switch sends the signal to your control board that tells it when to produce and dispense the ice. Over time, this part will begin to deteriorate and start to cause problems in the operation of your machine. If you start to notice that your machine is not dispensing ice in the timely you have grown accustomed to, then you need to have your dispenser switch checked out. Usually, a professional can come in and check the continuity of the electrical current of the switch to determine whether or not it is defective or not.

The Auger Motor

Perhaps the most integral part of your ice machine is the auger motor, which spins inside of the machine breaking the large chunks of ice down and sending them towards the chute. If you start to notice that the ice that is coming out of your machine is in big, unusable chunks, then you probably have a problem with your auger motor. As soon as you notice this problem, you need to call in professional to assess the situation and fix the damage done to the auger motor.

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