Teeth Whitening in Pleasantville Will Help Improve Your Smile

In today’s youth-oriented society, it’s important to make the most of what you are given at birth. Having teeth that are as white and bright as possible can send positive messages to people you interact with. Over time, teeth can become stained. This discoloration alters a person’s appearance and can cause lowered self-confidence. To rectify this, many people use Teeth Whitening in Pleasantville to whiten their teeth to their natural color or lighter.

Tooth discoloration can happen on the surface of teeth or in the layers of teeth. The two main types of tooth discoloration are extrinsic discoloration and intrinsic discoloration. Extrinsic stains occur when the outer layer of a tooth enamel is changed. This alteration in color can result from smoking, soft drinks, coffee, and wine. Intrinsic stains occur when the dentin of teeth is darkened. Some causes of these stains include overexposure to fluoride, trauma to teeth, and medications such as tetracycline.

Many forms of Teeth Whitening in Pleasantville can correct these stains. Most of these products have carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in various amounts as their whitening agents. Over-the-counter products including teeth whitening gels, teeth whitening strips, and teeth whitening rinses can be purchased at most grocery stores and retail outlets. Many dentists who practice Cosmetic Dentistry will sometimes offer clinically dispensed tooth whitening products. A person using this kind of product has the advantage of being able to ask the dentist about precautions and instructions related to the product.

If a person has teeth whitening service in Pleasantvile performed in an office, a dental hygienist will usually perform this procedure. Before this is done, a dentist should assess the condition of the patient’s mouth because some patients are not good candidates for tooth whitening. After a patient has been examined, a gel will be placed onto the outer part of the teeth. A guard will be placed over the gums as the whitening agent lightens the teeth.

Using tooth whitening products is a positive way to enhance your aesthetic appearance. Restoring your teeth to a favorable color will enable you to smile with pride and reclaim your self-confidence.

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