Common Questions About Getting Fast Cash At A Pawn Shop In Elmhurst

If you need cash in a hurry and you have valuable collateral, you can take it to the pawn shop in Elmhurst and get the money you need quickly. A pawn shop will give you cash on the spot for your items and when you repay the loan, you can get your items back. This is a fast and easy way to get quick emergency money. Below are some common questions about selling your items at a pawn shop.

Q.) What types of items can I sell at a pawn shop?

A.) A pawn shop won’t buy just anything, so you’ll need to bring in items of value to sell. Popular items include musical instruments, electronics, jewelry, gold, coins, bicycles, cameras and tools.
Q.) How much money will I get for my items?

A.) That all depends on what you bring into the pawn shop to sell. The pawn shop owner will inspect your items and then quote you a price on what he’s willing to give you for your items. You may not think that the pawn broker is offering you what the item is worth; however, keep in mind that the pawn broker is running a business. If you don’t come back within the time frame and pay off your loan, the pawn broker will put the item up for sale in his shop. The broker can’t offer you a price that’s higher than what he can sell it for because then he would lose money.

Q.) How long do I have to pay off my loan and get my collateral back?

A.) Pawn shops will normally give you 30 days to pay off your loan. If you can’t pay it off in 30 days, you can usually get an extension for another 30 days by just paying the interest on the loan. The pawn broker at the Pawn shop in Elmhurst will explain the details of the loan, and the interest and fees associated with the transaction.

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