Common Mistakes When Applying For An MMJ Card In Baltimore

There are two different components of the process to apply for an MMJ card throughout the state of Maryland. The initial phase or step in the process is to obtain an MMCC patient ID number, which is done through an online application to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC).

The second step is to schedule an appointment with a licensed and certified doctor and registered cannabis card provider in Baltimore to complete the evaluation. This registered provider is responsible for reviewing the patient’s treatment plan and issuing a certification for the patient to be able to purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary.

The full process of obtaining an MMJ card throughout the state is highly regulated. This prevents fraudulent use of medical marijuana and also ensures that patients using cannabis are seeing a registered provider with the training, experience, and ability to monitor and manage the patient’s dosage in relation to the qualifying health issues.

Documentation Issues

In both steps of the process, patients are required to provide supporting documentation from their doctors and treatment providers as to the specific health conditions the patient is experiencing.

Most of the initial MMCC patient ID number applications and the following evaluation are rejected due to a lack of correct medical records and documentation. Typically, if the MMCC application is upheld, bringing that documentation to the evaluation should be enough.

Lack of documentation and medical records can often be addressed by simply scheduling a visit to the medical or mental health professional in the state. Informing the treatment provider the documentation is required to obtain an MMJ card should provide them with the information needed to provide the necessary medical information.

Other issues can include problems with personal identification information, validation of the current Baltimore address, or areas of the form that are left blank. Review the form and the criteria for documentation before submitting the application to prevent these types of issues.

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