A Railroad Cancer Attorney in Chicago To Help You Get Compensation

Railroad work is an attractive field for some workers. You receive a good salary; benefits and it does not require a college degree. Unfortunately, railroad workers are exposed to harmful materials. If you want to seek compensation for your exposure, then you should talk to a railroad cancer attorney.

Exposure Risk

Some people were developing cancer. Many of these patients had worked on the railroad. There was a link between cancer and railroad jobs. Some railroad products contain Benzene, which was banned in the United States. Benzene is a carcinogen, but railroad companies continue to use the chemical. It can be created with the burning of diesel fuel.

Report the Injury

If you are going to protect your rights, then you need to know the timeframe for reporting your illness. Most companies want you to report an injury immediately or before you go off the shift. However, this is not a legal requirement. An injury can be reported late if it is in good faith. You should report the injury when you have one.

When to File a Claim

It is called a whistleblower claim when you file for railroad exposure. You will need to file with the Department of Labor. Workers have 180 days to make the claim. If you are one day late, then you are too late. You also will not be allowed to file another claim.

It helps to hire a railroad cancer attorney. Your lawyer can help you with your settlement demand. People usually received a settlement depending on how far along they are with their treatment. If you are back at work, then you can also request compensation for lost wages.

A lawsuit cannot reverse the damage of cancer. It cannot bring back a deceased loved one. However, financial compensation can offset lost wages and medical expenses. Contact Diesel Injury Law online to file your claim.

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